... to Nuanced, the only fanlisting listed at The Fanlistings Network for the talented actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Joseph has played roles in a variety of films, including the 1999 teen film, 10 Things I Hate About You, indie films such as Brick and Mysterious Skin, summer action films G.I. Joe and Inception, and a film about love, (500) Days of Summer.

Check out the trailers for Joseph's upcoming films: Premium Rush (August 24th) and Looper (September 28th) with Bruce Willis and Emily Blunt.

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If you've read a few JGL interviews, you probably know that he hates the idea of "celebrity." This site is not intended to be a glorification of "celebrity." I run this site because I am a fan of Joseph Gordon-Levitt as an actor in the most pure and artistic sense of the occupation. He chooses films that he is truly passionate about and is a huge advocate of the internet as an outlet for artists - check out his website HitRecord.org. This site is just a listing of those who, hopefully, feel the same way.